the piggie project

The piggie project started with a DPW challenge, Paint your pig! Any pig. It took a few weeks to digest the theme. Pig? You mean pig? And a magical moment came when a really cute piggie looked at me. Actually not even one, they were three. They looked at me as if they knew what I think about them. They looked at me as if they don't care those thoughts. They were totally different like humans.
Did I mention that they are ceramic piggies?

And those piggies were curious.
They love to play.
Hide and seek for example.
They didn't have fear of heights.
They looked clever.
New ideas came to mind.
And creative juice were flew.
Look at them.

If you are impressed by them you might want to join the piggie project.There are two options:

1. Send a good quality piggie picture. A piggie that is interesting or cute, or playful, or very human. If the picture moves my creative juices, I will paint it in oil.

2. Send a picture of your piggie-art. I mean really art not some piggery thing. Oil, watercolor, mixed-media, whatever, you name it. I have some gallery space to collect and show piggies. Please, send a few sentence about your project also and your link.