a few things about me

Hello and welcome, here you can meet a human who is behind this site. My name is Aniko Makay. I am an artist.

Painting is my passion. I fell in love with colors when I was 5 and still I am. In those days I painted coloring books, now I as a grown up I can paint whatever I want. Not much changed. And everything changed.

Not much changed: I still have the curiosity about the world. I am still amazed by colors and wonderful lights as sunshine goes through an object. I still very sensitively observe the world around me and I like humor.

I still don’t have answers to quite simple questions like if warm air goes up, as it goes, why is it then 20C here at the leg of a hill and 0 and -10C up there on the top. Who tells the “warm” to stay down?

And everything changed: I got education. Formal and informal. Artistic and not so artistic also. Take me seriously, I became an economist. Yes, I understand those terms like GDP, and deficit and sufficit. And I understand how many theories are there out, and there are always exceptions.

So myself is as exception in this field, as I devoted myself to painting. I gravitate to colors. Full time. In the last 15 years my main medium was silk. It is a more complicated version of a watercolor-adventure - of course special dye or paint needed - because the only opportunity to correct something that is failed... well the only chance is with a pair of scissors. The biggest lesson of silk painting is to embrace imperfectness. If you are interested in my silk-past just drop me a line.

Nowadays what boils my artistic juices is oil painting. That is a big change in thinking, medium and consistency. It is said that the oil is a forgiving medium. It is good to know after those I-fogive-myself-and-my-imperfectness-years that a medium can be forgiving too.