artinko: modern art gallery

"I paint strict portraits and crazy fantasies and everything in between"

This gallery focuses art a special way in which the tradition of the past have been thrown aside in order to get fresh ideas, fresh composition, dig into a spirit of experimentation. Recent works are often called contemporary, we prefer the mark "modern".

Here is the gallery's philosophical approach.

If you don't care philosophy much you can jump right into the oil gallery.

Art? Like Singing in a Bird's Life

Like singing in a bird's life.

Actually there is no meaning.

If you can sing and you don't sing, than you grow poor.

Not only you, but you made poorer all. Each and every one.

This word art is just a label... Your aspect, your soul manifests itself.

It can be vegetable growing, gardening, or equally, it can be painting also.

If you do that activity because it is a must

(in the meaning that an inner power wants to manifest it and you don't block that power)

then you manifest who you are.

Art: In it's general meaning the word means a product or activity that the others can not produce or manifest... or they think they can't. When you watch an object, an object that you are drawn to, and this object is made as a result of the process mentioned above (inner power) then you feel and you resonate with that power in few hundred years down the line also.

You feel that power, no matter what form it takes up. Often it is analyzed or categorized in the hope of understanding it more. If you let the object or product to impress you, then you can connect with the power that originally manifested it. You may be inspired by that power. There is a meaning this way. And that is beyond the function of mind.

Is it worth to go back high in the past? Is there inheritance? Is there continuity?

No, it is not linear. There is no such thing as one follows an other. If an object or product is manifested by you, it impresses by its existence, not because it wants to be inheritable. There is one who watches, who is impressed by its existence, and there a warm feeling, a smile arises. These are valid impressions also. As valid as those impressions that make one's soul inspired. There is no rule, there is no deliberateness.

In the water - by Artinko - oil on gessoboard
Thinking hard - by Artinko - oil on gessoboard